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A Newbie Serving Natural Fresh Onion, Organic Fresh Onion, Fresh Lemon, Indian Masala Powder..

About Us

Winning in the market filled with competition is impossible for companies, which do not have the right focus of satisfying customers. At Om Sai International, we have the right focus on delighting and satisfying customers which is why we in the very first year of our business are experiencing good sales as a manufacturer and exporter.

We are a 2019 born focused, modern, devoted company. Our aim is to never source, produce and serve any item that brings dissatisfaction to customers and makes them feel guilty of having made a wrong investment in the products. To perfectly serve this aim, all that we are doing is making sure that our sourcing, production and delivery operations are performed by professionals and in a right manner.

With variety in the line of products, we assure customers to find products of great use and high quality. Our product ambit is dominated by food products like Natural Fresh Onion, Organic Fresh Onion, Fresh Lemon, Raw Banana and Indian Masala Powder, but also contains Sarees. The diversity in our product portfolio keeps order receiving active at our newly formed company and helps us gain expertise of sourcing and production in not one but many domains.

Diverse Products, Our Strength

At our company, our best strength is our diverse products portfolio. Our high quality and different products prove our strength by delighting customers. Customers from food and garment industry deal with us for sourcing best products. It is only quality that we best give our customers but also price. We price all products very reasonably so that buyers do not think twice and make deals immediately. Our diverse product range attracts all kinds and sizes of companies.

Our Values

  • Loyalty: It is loyalty that tops the list of our values. We believe that loyalty in communication best wins a company accolades so we do the same and get appreciation from our clients.
  • Teamwork: It is work in collaboration that gets appreciated mode so we make sure that our collaborated working proves beneficial to not only us but also our customers.
  • Passion: It is passion that makes a company turn impossible tasks possible. Believing in the same, we are working passionately to become India''s desired one stop shop for availing Indian Masala Powder, Fresh Lemon, etc.